We all arrive into our lives, at some point.

For me, that happened with my first breath of Nosara air in 2001. The jungle hugged me.

And my soul felt at home.

I had lived in so many places, but never in such peace.

Our first efforts here were very modest. I had an idea to import hand-crafted furniture and home decor items from Bali—a place of similar climate and uncommon beauty. There were no visitors to Nosara back then. I would open my tienda from mid-November through mid-February, and each February I returned to my official  job as a fashion stylist for music videos.

When Hotel Harmony broke ground, the founders encouraged me to relocate my fledgling shop to an even smaller space off the hotel’s parking lot. The shop was too small to sell furniture. So I thought: Let’s focus on clothes.

It came natural to me to create one-size-fits-all dresses, inspired by the elegance of the 1940’s and the flowing forms of the 1970’s.

My maxi-dresses were simple. And like Nosara, beautiful and liberating. Most important: They looked great on everyone.