Model Karuna. Photo by Gunther Intelmann


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A shopping experience of divine style created by Gonca Gul. Ethically sourced, organically produced one of a kind fashion.

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I wait every year for my trip ro the Bazaar to stock up on new Gonca designs. Yoga clothes, dresses, one off unique pieces… I can never get enough!

Kia Miller

Each time I visit Nosara, I land in Gonca’s shop to transform the way I see myself. And each time I leave I feel more feminine, more connected to myself and so much more chic! Gonca’s singular style brings out the beauty in all of us.

Elena Brower, Bestselling author of Practice You

Gonca is more than all of her incredible designs. she is the flow of beauty, love and human heart in the world. Thank you for your love of moving, embodied clothing, colorful being,and our sustainable footprint.

Gonca and Gunni are living legends shaping body positive culture for decades from NyC to Tulum to their great hub in Nosara with your amazing creative family.

I live, dance and enjoy the yoga of life in your clothes.

Celebrating you

Shiva Rea

Like the farm to table movement with food, where the goal is nourishment not only through substance but through human connection, shopping at Bazzar with Gonca has been a soulful inspiring experience for me over the last 10 years. Each year I lead an annual Qoya retreat in Costa Rica, and I will go in to her magical space and dance with a few dresses that make me feel more me. The whole experience is so inspiring. Her designs are woven with an ancient remembering of the potential expression of our true self that is possible when we embody our wise, wild and free spirit. I treasure her pieces and also the time I get to spend in the energy of her and her shop, so much so that our whole retreat also makes a pilgrimage to her shop as part of the retreat. If you want to honor yourself deeply as you are or are ready to transform your wardrobe into who you are becoming, it’s all there for you!

With love, gratitude and excitement for my next visit!

Rochelle Schick, Qoya

We travel all the time and fave a few favorite stores along our way. Bazzar Nosara is definitely one of them, and that for so many years. From clothes that we can wear for our concerts to clothes for Yoga and Pilates…. and many work for both. That’s the magic of their designs and fabrics.

Deva Premal